6'6 and 6' 7' and 7'6" 7'6", 8',8'6" and 9' 6' 7' 8'


The black rail softie is a great board for those with a bit of experience. 

The hard EVA foam rail is softer than a glass board but stiff enough to maximise control. The EVA is very "grippy".

Available sizes: 6',6'6", 7',7'6", 8',8'6", 9'

Our softboards have a real surfboard feel, but with easy to hold rails that reduce impact.


Learners and surf schools wanting more stable boards might want to choose our PE softies. These are made with dual stringers that run the length of the board.

The deck is made from PE which wraps the rails. The deck can be waxed and we can also print logos on it.

Available sizes: 6',6'6", 7',7'6", 8',8'6", 9', 9'6", 10'0"


This technology has been tested and approved by surf schools in Australia, the US and Europe.